Inspired artwork sets the mood for the 2020 New York Guitar Festival.

Carrying a legendary music festival remotely through COVID.

Branding for atmosphere.

Airy, not arrogant. Sophisticated, not stuffy.


Every business wants what every Echelon client has.

Simple joy in surreal art.

Delicious Orchards' simple fall festival becomes a highly anticipated event thanks to elaborate and enchanting themes.

Marketing from the heart.

One of New Jersey’s most sought-after catering companies asked for a hand with their branding. It became so much more.

Adding a star to branding.

Allied Group promises to “add a star” to every aspect of a hospitality renovation. Their own brand received an upgrade too.

Time-honored craft. Time-honored brand.

Kinsey Crafted homes are luxury, architectural residences as unique as their owners.

Making a career in pest control cool.

New candidates thought working for Western Pest was all about killing bugs… Until we brought BIG messaging to squash the misconceptions.

A new identity that stayed true to its roots.

Manasquan Bank symbolizes its modernized services while respecting its 140 years of tradition.

The website makeover.

A leading global manufacturer wanted to simplify the science of color, flavor and fragrance selection for cosmetics suppliers.