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Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a means of getting cool with Google so you show up at the top of search results for relevant terms that people are typing into the search bar. When we say “organic,” we mean that you’re not paying to advertise. Organic SEO is built on a keyword and content strategy, and calls for ongoing content creation with continual analysis. We do everything we just mentioned in that sentence.

SEO for Business Owners

It’s a process, not a product.

Paid SEM

Paid SEM is an advertisement that looks like a search result, also known as a pay per click (PPC) ad. Display ads and banner ads are usually part of a paid SEM strategy as well. Our SEM expertise enables us to develop a PPC campaign worth every penny per click, while our digital media relationships allow us to strategically place your ads on high-traffic websites.

Main Roads to Your Website

Pave them for more traffic.

Tell your website to get ready for more visitors.

SEO is a long-term investment that incrementally shows short-term results. Translation: We’re going to get more people to your website, and the momentum will continue to build from there. They’ll be better prospects, too, because they’re already searching for what you’re selling.

Better SEO

Do this, not that.