Do this, not that, for better SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. We like to keep from going into the weeds and focus on developing simple, straightforward SEO strategies that help our clients capture more web traffic. Here are a few quick tips straight from our SEO experts:

Do: Make a point to add videos, images and other media to your pages and posts. Google uses these as ranking factors because they help make content more attractive and engaging for users.

Don’t: “Stuff” a keyword into as many places as possible, as this can actually hurt your SEO efforts. Instead, go for variations and related terms to reach a broader audience.

Do: Mix up your backlinks. A common misconception is that you always want to hyperlink keywords. That’s not true, and in many cases, URLs or calls to action fit better in context.

Don’t: Copy large pieces of content from other sites. It’s okay to pull a quote or snippet with proper attribution, but anything more will show as duplicate content and bump your page down the rankings.

Do: Produce ongoing content. SEO is a very active game, not something you set and forget. Use your blog as an SEO engine to post relevant content frequently.

Don’t: Sign a cookie-cutter contract for an SEO “package.” At Netwave, we take the time to learn your business, explain our recommendations, and implement them over the long haul. Our process has worked for many clients and can work for you.

Want to learn more about how your business can enhance its online search rankings? We’re here to help.