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Something’s cooking.

When our long-established catering client told us about their plans to launch a standalone market, we got excited about the opportunity to design a new brand from a proud one.

We used a classic drawing of Merri-Makers Owner Rick Bott to instill legend and lore into the Chefs Market logo. The primary colors uphold the Merri-Makers brand, while instances of black and white speak to the story of how The Allen Farm became Merri-Makers Chefs Market. We also designed the menus ahead of the grand opening.

The Website.

A perfect use case for the simplicity and user-friendliness of Squarespace. Integration with BentoBox lets customers order Merri-Makers catering on the Chefs Market website.

Early success on social.

After setting up and branding new social accounts for Chefs Market, Netwave promoted the grand opening through a targeted Facebook campaign.

The campaign made for a buzzworthy event. We were there, capturing and posting live Instagram Stories and a Reel that reached users organically on the Chefs Market page.

Good work leads to more work.

See our ongoing success story with Merri-Makers that earned the company’s trust in branding and launching Chefs Market.