The Easy and Enjoyable Way to Create Quality Blog Content

Business owners don’t have time to write blog articles. Neither do executives, marketing directors, or really anyone except for blog writers. But what if we told you there’s a way you can receive well-written blog content for your business with just minutes of input rather than hours of writing?

If your mind went straight to using artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, tread lightly. It lacks context, tone, strategy, creativity, and everything that’s already starting to make everyone realize that AI won’t replace professional writers. We can also expect Google to adapt to and perhaps even punish web content published directly from AI. The new world of content writing is yet to fully take shape, but one thing we know that will always work is a discussion between a writer with our agency and an industry expert at your company.

A Quick Interview Makes All the Difference

“Can we schedule a time to chat?” These words can be somewhat triggering. We’re all busy, and it’s just too easy to impose on someone else’s time when working remotely. We’re different. When we ask to chat about content, know that we’re truly conscious of your time and will prepare beforehand to make the call as brief and productive as possible. We can usually cover two blog topics in one 30-minute call, or, if you’d rather jump off early, we’ll keep it to one topic and “give you time back in your day.” (Sorry, we had to say it.)

Share Your Knowledge—and Build Ours

There’s no substitute for speaking to what we call a subject matter expert (SME). You know your business inside and out, from current trends to common questions to your unique solutions. An interview allows you to educate us, so we can in turn educate your customers using the language, metaphors, and key selling points that you use every day. The only difference is that instead of writing, you’re simply speaking, and then later reviewing. The interview streamlines the process.

Simplify Complex Topics

Content writing is usually most effective for business-to-business (B2B) companies to fuel their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts (which business- and direct-to-consumer companies should certainly do too). Because B2B companies such as manufacturers, builders, professional service providers and other niche businesses tend to involve deep expertise and experience, an interview can help equip us with the necessary background information and resources so we can use our writing skills to explain topics in a concise and engaging way. It also provides an opportunity for us to confirm with you that we understand your topic correctly.

Create Great Case Studies

One of the best use cases for an interview is to develop a case study illustrating how you helped one of your customers or clients. Case studies are an important part of any content strategy because they’re real-world examples and testimonials of why your services are valuable. They provide a nice break from other regularly scheduled programming focused on telling and selling rather than showing, and they typically get higher engagement on other channels like social media and email marketing.

Strengthen Our Working Relationship

Experienced writers are perfectly capable of researching on their own and writing good, clean content with no interview required. We can certainly do that if you’d like. However, we find that most of our clients go from happy to extremely happy with the results when we add the extra step of an interview. They actually look forward to the interviews because they know they’re going to get thoughtful, accurate content, and that each interview and article will build on the knowledge gained from the last.

Ready to find the real content writing resource you’ve been missing? Start the conversation today.