Branding: Where to Start and Where to Go

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Branding is one of the most perplexing yet critical marketing concepts to understand. If you ask 10 different marketers, you will likely receive 10 different answers. However, we’d be willing to bet that they would all be along the lines of a brand being much more than a business’ outward appearance.

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The key to your next marketing campaign…

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It’s easy to get hooked on one specific marketing channel, but that’s no way to get results. We recently developed a campaign for one of our regional bank clients that netted 140 new non-interest-bearing checking accounts in just one month. The average customer acquisition cost was only $28, and the campaign helped boost overall account openings by 50% across a wide demographic.

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How to Be an Eye-Catching Brand

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Marketing experts estimate our eyes process between 5,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day! Seem high? Print ads are everywhere. Meanwhile, digital ads are learning your lifestyle and following you around the Internet. And don’t forget the hundreds of emails you receive each day, many of them ads or business propositions. Even social media is filled with sponsored posts

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