The Other Reason to Update Your Website Right Now

Your website can be your single most important sales tool. However, many business owners will let their website fall by the wayside.

After a new website launch, these same business owners feel they can “set it and forget it” for some time. The problem arises when months, years and possibly even decades go by without basic website maintenance. As your site gets older, the internet gets newer. Web design trends keep evolving, while your site stays the same. And then it hits you. Your site is a sore thumb.

Sound like your situation? If so, your outdated website may be hindering your business in more ways than one. Aside from customer acquisition, your website is also crucial to meet another pressing concern for business owners:

Employee Acquisition

Aka recruiting. Aka hiring. Aka the whiplash of the pandemic, leaving companies scrambling to staff for the rush back to business. Recruiting has changed drastically. A website refresh is one of the ways to compete for top candidates in what the Washington Post calls “the most unusual job market in modern American history.” With a new and improved website, you can…

Look Sharp

Simply put, new is nice. Sure, an iPhone from five years ago can work just fine—but it doesn’t have all the latest and greatest features. There are likely some compatibility issues with certain apps, and you might not be able to run software updates. It’s probably showing some wear and tear too.

The same goes for a website. Every few years, you’ll need an upgrade to be up to speed with technology. The generations currently entering and establishing themselves in the workforce know a good or bad website when they see one. Since your website is often the first impression, you want to be on the right side of the eye test.

Build Rapport

The experience of searching for, securing and starting a new job brings a lot of anxiety. Candidates might worry about whether they’ll fit in with a company’s culture and wonder if a position is going to be what they hoped for. Through design, copy and the user experience on your website, you can ease and inspire their minds. Custom photography of real people at your company can help give your brand an honest and authentic personality. Your mission, values and brand messaging are also every bit as essential to enlighten candidates as they are to entice prospects and customers.

Attract Talent

The better feeling that a candidate gets from your website, the more likely they’ll be to apply for a job and accept an offer. Particularly in a competitive labor market, it takes more than a standard careers page. Your entire site should have snippets and flashes speaking to candidates and promoting exciting career opportunities. And with a website that employees are proud to share, you’ll also create a pipeline of internal referrals.

From there, consider social media advertising, events, sponsorships and ongoing marketing as other new avenues for recruiting. But first, website design and development (perhaps with some brand messaging as part of the process). Contact us to get started.