Recruiting Has Changed—How and Where to Attract Top Talent in 2022 and Beyond

“Help wanted.”

“Now hiring.”

“Competitive pay.”

“Collaborative culture.”

The traditional pickup lines from employers just don’t attract employees like they used to. Neither do ping-pong tables and pizza parties. In 2022, staffing is the clear-cut Achilles heel for many employers.

You’re bringing in plenty of business, but you’re struggling to bring in people to fulfill that business. Job posts get fewer responses and qualified candidates command higher salaries. It’s time to adapt and take a new approach to recruiting — one that encompasses different channels and deeper strategy, including:

Brand Messaging

Applicants are no longer simply wanting a job or seeking a place to work. They’re comparing and choosing opportunities. Your mission, vision and values are part of your pitch to candidates while communicating your message to prospects and customers. That means your brand messaging needs to be double-buttoned-up (and likely refreshed to speak to the way people work today). Many companies are investing in employer branding, which creates an entire lane of brand messaging specifically for recruiting.

Whether you go all-in or make smaller changes just to liven the language up, start with messaging before you put time and resources toward other tactics.

Website Refresh

Every single candidate will visit your website. They’ll probably click through and read quite a bit of it, too. Only now, they’re not just looking at your website to find an open position and prepare for an interview. They’re deciding whether they should even bother applying. “Digital natives”—the generations who grew up with the internet—laugh at outdated websites. An eye-catching and easy-to-navigate website is a must for any company looking to land the best and brightest candidates entering the workforce as we speak. Be sure to include a section that addresses the work environment and chances for advancement.

Social Media Advertising

Speaking of digital natives, we know where to find them most of the time: on social media. With your brand messaging and website in top shape, social media is the next place to go. If you already post your open jobs on your social pages, that’s a great start. But remember, this is not the market to sit back and wait for candidates to come to you. Right now, you need to go get them. Social media advertising is a scalable, affordable, and Gen Z-approved way to get in front of more candidates, more often, with more repetition and better brand messaging.

Events & Sponsorships

People are getting back to doing things in person. Alongside your online recruiting, events, sponsorships and speaking engagements give you long-lost means of being seen. Even the best branding is inherently impersonal. There’s no replacement for looking someone in the eye and connecting in a conversation, and that’s what everyone has been missing since 2020. It’s also why businesses are so busy in 2022, so get out there and promote your career opportunities through thoughtful partnerships.

Ongoing Marketing

The new age of recruiting looks a lot like marketing. The job never stops. Employee spotlights, thought leadership articles, press releases and video snippets give your recruiting a lively pulse and uplifting feel that can help fuel your efforts through the current labor shortage.

Need more hands-on deck to assist with all the above? We’re not recruiters, but our work can seriously help with recruiting. Make Netwave your next hire and great candidates will follow.


  • Part of your brand messaging should be directed at recruits.
  • Polish your website. Candidates will go there first before applying.
  • Advertise to the candidates you want to attract through the appropriate social media channels.
  • Gain face time with job seekers at events and speaking engagements.
  • Actively market to prospective candidates.
  • Want some help? Contact us.