Why Your Company Should Focus on LinkedIn

When discussing the use of social media for marketing a business the conversation typically focuses on Facebook and Instagram. But let’s not forget about LinkedIn and its more than 610 million users and record levels of engagement. You could be missing out on a valuable prospecting –as well as recruiting–tool.

LinkedIn for Business

In the world of B2B marketing LinkedIn has a formidable track record. Research has shown that 80% of B2B leads and 46% of site traffic sourced from social media comes directly from LinkedIn.

When your company is posting to LinkedIn you’re reaching a highly qualified audience. Over 60 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers while 40 million are self-described decision-makers within their respective organizations. Most users tend to browse the site sporadically and typically during work hours. Keep this in mind when developing your posting strategy. Consider sharing the same content at varying dates and times to catch different audiences as they browse.

LinkedIn’s paid advertising platform and Premium subscriptions can provide added value if they fit within your marketing budget. Premium memberships offer advanced search features, allowing you to generate a prospect list. You are then able to contact them via InMail messages.

LinkedIn’s advertising allows you to get hyper-targeted when building your campaigns. Users can be targeted by job title (past or present), industry, seniority level, and a wide range of other criteria. As a result of this granular targeting, LinkedIn advertising tends to be quite expensive when compared to other social media platforms. It’s crucial to craft your goals and strategies carefully before committing advertising dollars to LinkedIn. Take time to consider the benefits in relation to the cost.

LinkedIn for Recruiting

We have previously explored how job hunting largely takes place on social media, with over 100 million job applications being submitted each month on LinkedIn alone. This makes it the ideal platform for recruiting new talent, as profiles give you a look into a user’s work history and skills. The talent pool is deep, and finding your perfect candidate just takes a few clicks.

Posting open positions on LinkedIn is simple and effective, with personalized targeting putting your job in front of qualified applicants. Once applications are submitted you can review and contact candidates directly through LinkedIn, keeping everything streamlined and organized.

There are untapped opportunities on LinkedIn, but the platform requires a vastly different approach than other social networks. Before taking your marketing strategy in a new direction, be sure your marketing goals and strategies are clearly defined.

If you’d like, we can help you align your strategies with the most appropriate social media platforms as well as determining if LinkedIn is right for you. You can take the next step by clicking here.