Social Recruiting Best Practices: Job Hunting Goes Digital

It’s no secret that your employees are the key to your company’s success, that’s why it’s crucial to attract and retain top talent. In the past, attending job fairs and listing open positions in the classifieds may have been enough to recruit employees. However, the job search has evolved in recent years thanks to our increasingly digital world, resulting in the rise of social recruiting.

Social media is a powerful tool for job seekers as 73% of millennials report using social platforms to find their current position. These social media recruiting best practices will ensure you are reaching potential candidates and showcasing why your company is a great place to work.

Find the right platforms

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for employers and job-seekers alike, with over 100 million applications submitted each month it should be used to your advantage. LinkedIn offers a variety of options for creating and promoting job openings, allowing you to target and reach the perfect candidates.

Instagram allows you to give candidates an inside look at everything your company has to offer. Use it to showcase original photos and videos from around the office.

Word of mouth matters, that’s why monitoring and maintaining a presence on Indeed and Glassdoor is vital. As current and former employees leave company reviews ensure you are actively responding to them, even when they’re negative. This shows potential candidates that you are engaged and responsive to employee feedback.

Showcase your culture

In a competitive job market your company culture is what sets you apart and can often make the difference when candidates are considering offers. Make sure to capture what makes your company unique, from internal events to office perks. Unsure how to define your company’s culture? Seek employee feedback by asking “how would you describe us in three words?” This feedback can then be used to develop your recruiting efforts.

Use Authentic Images

Use authentic imagery to tout your company culture. Candidates will see right through stock photographs, so enlist the help of a talented photographer. Look for unplanned moments around the office: a department holding a surprise baby shower, two employees holding a meeting in the kitchen, a lively chat at the water cooler. Candid photos capture the essence of your employees and allow your culture to shine through.

A professional photoshoot in the office is a great way to build a library of images for your website, social media and Glassdoor. You’re striving for candid pictures. Avoid forcing camera shy employees to participate, standard headshots–and above all, no one pointing off camera with a forced smile. These images lack sincerity. Invest in a talented professional who understands proper lighting, composition and even editing. One or two well composed images can sell your company culture.

Employee advocacy is key

The beauty of social recruiting is it goes beyond your company’s existing social media accounts. Your current employees are powerful advocates and can help boost your recruiting efforts. Create a hashtag and encourage employees to use it when sharing photos from around the office. The hashtag will help capture organic moments from the people who matter most – your employees. Candidates want to know how your current employees feel about your company, let these photos and videos show them.

Employee advocacy tools like GaggleAMP and Hootsuite Amplify allow you to curate content specially made to be shared by your employees. Leverage your employees’ social reach by encouraging them to share posts about job openings, company announcements, and more. Incentivize participation through gamification, awarding prizes each quarter to employees who share the most content. This allows you to get more employees involved outside of Sales and Marketing, who often view employee advocacy as part of their job description.

As the job hunt continues to evolve it’s important to make sure you’re focusing your recruiting efforts properly. By following these social media best practices you’re setting your company up for success as you introduce new social recruiting tools to the business. Artificial intelligence and recruiting via texting are emerging trends, so it’s key to stay ahead of the curve.

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