Open Doors for Your Sales Team with Geofencing

Breaking into a new market can be extremely difficult—and also discouraging if you’re relying on cold calls. One way to reach businesses and residents in a specific area is with geofencing. It’s affordable, highly targeted, and softens many of the barriers encountered with door-to-door sales.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing uses GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking to serve digital ads to prospects within a specified, “fenced” location. Think of it as a “hot zone” around a real-world geographic area. Prospects who enter this zone are treated to a programmed response such as a display ad or text message when their device connects with GPS, WiFi, cellular data or any other location-based network.

How It Softens the Sale

No matter how well-trained your salespeople are and how compelling your message may be, that first pitch is always going to come in like a wrecking ball. But when people are seeing your branded advertisements as they browse the internet and social media, they tend to be more receptive to a phone call or drop-by out of the blue. Thanks to the ads, they may be thinking to themselves, “I know this company.” You’re reducing the element of surprise and developing a sense of familiarity with prospects.

Quick Case Study

We know geofencing pairs well with cold sales because we have seen it work with our clients. For example, we recently launched a geofenced digital advertising campaign targeting a town in central New Jersey, promoting a client who was expanding into that town.

After a few weeks of advertising the client’s services and capabilities throughout the targeted town, the sales team went door to door to introduce themselves. Business owners mentioned that they had been seeing the company’s ads on their phones and computers, resulting in warmer conversations and leads.

Impressions: 191,000
Click-throughs: 172
Timeframe: 6/5 – 6/8

Geofencing is kind of mind-blowing in terms of the targeting, programming and cost effectiveness. It can be pinpoint precise too. Here are three extremely targeted geo-fencing projects we are working on:

  1. Trade show floor attendees for a business consulting client.
  2. Dog owners within small radius around pet resort.
  3. Car Enthusiasts promoting Car Show event.

Digital marketing can do powerful things for your business, with measurable results and a manageable investment. If you’d like to see a demonstration using your target markets as examples. Let’s get started today.