Public Relations in NJ: What Exactly Is “Public Relations”?

“Managing the spread of information about your company.”

In a nutshell, that’s Public Relations. It’s a monumentally important aspect to conducting business, and one that small and mid-sized businesses don’t pay enough attention to. What do you say when your business falls short? How do you fully leverage a community-focused event? And how do you utilize your industry expertise to get positive, credible, and authoritative media attention?

The opportunities that exist when your business has a Public Relations strategy in place are vast. Get squared away on the different types of Public Relations forms and start gaining more attention for your business.

Corporate Communications Strategy

How does your upper management communicate with the entirety of your employee team? How does your organization, as a singular business entity, communicate with the outside world? This is the challenge Corporate Communications can solve. This isn’t something reserved for big city companies. Public relations in NJ require the same Creating a strong, united front for the mission, vision, and values is a large part of where to start.

Staying true to that overarching ethos is ultimately the key to following through and finishing. Being at the helm of your organization means making those big decisions that ensure everyone is on the same page.

Content Creation & Content Marketing Strategy

How your content marketing factors into your public relations strategy is something that takes strong process and collaboration. It’s incredibly easy for your content marketing efforts to fall on deaf ears.

A great way to kick start that demand or awareness for your content is to have some means of public awareness for it. Leveraging the content you create to garner bigger and better PR opportunities is one route. Using your years of expertise to write a guest post or column for a major local news outlet is another.

For example, a business owner could write a blog post on their top 5 interview questions for new hires. They could leverage that to write a guest article at the local news website, and then leverage that to reach larger and larger online outlets.

Crisis Communications

Things can go south pretty quickly in business. Nothing travels faster than word of mouth about bad news. If and when that time comes, will you be ready? The most proactive companies are ready for what bad news might come with Crisis Communications. Crisis Communications are a lot like fire alarms. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to have them in place. Being proactive is key, so knowing where, when and how to respond to an undesirable PR situation is an upfront consideration worth having.

Issue Advocacy

Does your organization take on a major issue in our society? Are you working with a few other companies or vendors to do some serious good in the world? And are you properly aligned with the right outlets that cover your issue of focus? Issue advocacy is where you need to start with your PR efforts.

If your organization does advocate for certain issues, consider taking credit for it. It helps to bring attention to your cause while helping better show what’s going on behind-the-brand with your team.

Public relations in NJ greatly benefits from the many outlets, organizations and advocacy groups for just about every cause under the sun in the state. Leverage those fervent followings, align with those communities, and have them carry your message to new market segments.

Social Media Applications

When it comes to your brand actively engaging with the community, there’s really no better route to take than jumping in to social media. Brands can connect in ways they never thought possible with fans, followers, old customers and prospects almost instantly. Yet many claim they don’t have the time or that they don’t see value in it. While the game has shifted some, your brand needs to be serious about social media.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and beyond; these tools are major keys to getting your brand ‘s message out there. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Public Relations in NJ

Thanks to digital marketing, the playing field has been leveled for small, mid-sized and big businesses alike. It’s no longer a matter of getting onto a hit talk show or making the front page of a major magazine in order to get massive amounts of attention and success. You can build your own foundation through active Public Relations.

We can help get you there.