So Few Words, So Little Time: 12 Tips to Master Email Marketing

Sending a handwritten note nowadays is a luxury most professionals simply don’t have time for. Businesses need to be able to quickly reach their customers, especially in times of timely opportunity.

Email marketing is your new best friend, for getting into the inbox, hearts and minds of your customers. If you can master email marketing with a succinct strategy, you can prepare your customers for the deals, messages, and incentives that keep them coming back for more in an almost routine basis.

So how can your business actually master email marketing? We’ve assembled the top 12 tips you need to keep in mind.

1. Make readers VIPs
Everyone likes getting something sweet in the mail. For the inbox, the feeling is similar. However, the influx of annoying, unnecessary, and unexpected noise that comes in on a daily basis puts most professionals at a questionable disposition. Switch the script and treat your subscribers to some exclusive content, offerings, or other exclusive content to make them feel special.

2. Show the Love
Turn the tables on the typical email and include some unique knowledge, insights, or anecdotes. Did you hear the story of the frog and the scorpion? Want an awesome, 5-minute recipe for buffalo chicken wings? Be appropriate, but be creative! The majority of folks love a hot tip. Do your good deed for the day and oblige them!

3. Feed Off Feedback
Email is a two-way street. Even though you’re sending out a customer-centric eBlast or email newsletter, asking for feedback should become part of your strategy. Oftentimes your readers are chock full of great ideas and ways to improve what you’re sending. Pick their brains and ask what they need. Even getting no feedback is feedback (hint: things aren’t working!)

4. Respect the Privilege
Getting access to someone’s email is a special privilege. Don’t abuse it! Pretend it’s a regular old mailbox, snail mail and all! You wouldn’t barade it with letters every day for every reason. Get down to the nitty gritty. Give an overview and some useful points or stories. And then abstain! Limit your emails to once a week or twice at the most (not including purchase notifications and business emergencies of course.) Your customers will subconsciously understand that you respect the chance to better serve them–unlike bigger corporate brands that may send emails on a daily basis. What a pain!

5. Make use of Social
A great option for businesses seriously engaged on social media is to leverage that in their emails. Don’t just include links to your channels. Share with readers what piece of content got the most shares, reads, or comments for the week. It will give legs to your already created content and subtly convey your thought leadership.

6. Get Personal
Nothing breaks down barriers like leveling with your customers. Nobody’s perfect and we all learn more from failure than success. Talk about your business industry’s challenges, personal triumphs and true mission in life.

7. Each Email a Conversion
An email blast or newsletter from your company is one of the quickest instances of your brand. Make it positive, make it effective, but make certain it’s focused on customers clicking yes. Provide a call to action in every email, even if it’s something simple. Get your customers in the habit of positively engaging with your communications. It’s sure to carry over to other areas.

8. Include Links to White Papers
Email is hands down one of the best way to share files online. Sharing links to a white paper or special page on your site is the next best thing. Link to content you would otherwise send as an attachment in an email.

9. Guide the Reader
Be clear with your readers on what you want them to do. Guide them on a journey via the design and format of your email’s content. Not doing so only sullies the waters for your next attempt at selling. Read this, read this, and do this. Create a compelling call-to-action when you want a reader to click-through, and let them know where it leads! They will be more likely to click.

10. Remind the Reader
It’s not uncommon for customers to forget what your company does. Leave no room for guessing, and remind customers of your services (old and new) on a fairly frequent basis. This is important for businesses that offer a wide range of services. There’s nothing worse than hearing “oh, I didn’t know you guys handled that” when you’re pitching a new service to a current client. Get that extra sale and interject some reminders into your email strategy.

11. Gamify Your Email
Readers love a good challenge, especially if it’s easy and they can get a reward from it. Gamify your email by incorporating a referral code strategy, a share-based promotion, or another type of way to win some part of your products or services. If done right, it can be a relatively quick and cost-effective way to gain customer data and increase engagement.

12. Don’t Forget to Say “Thanks!”
There’s nothing worse than bad manners. “Please” and “thank you” should have been learned a long time ago, but used each day. Every so often (or every chance you get) take some time to thank your customers, readers, and business community. They don’t have to buy, read, or use anything you do. Stay humble, be grateful, and make a habit of showing your appreciation.

Taking your email marketing to the next level can yield big dividends for your brand. Abandon the old cut-and-dry approach, and start using these tips to craft an email newsletter that really delivers value. It’s easier than you think!

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