Promotes Employee Interaction

With employee photographs and contact information readily available, employee interaction improves. Welcome new hires, share anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions to create a strong sense of belonging.

Communication Opportunities

Corporate management can efficiently reach all employees at the same time, including remote staff members and satellite offices.

Document Management System

A document management system effortlessly keeps the latest versions of policies, forms and other documents instantly available on any authorized device. The document management system is a great resource to ensure employees are all using the same materials.


The sales team has immediate access to product guides, literature, and sales tools. The E-Guide helps improve efficiency which in turn frees sales associates up to close more deals.

Company Scheduler

This option allows businesses to easily promote company events, gatherings, or meetings with event date, time, and details.

Access Permissions

The IT staff’s burden is lessened as each department can be given responsibility for their own section of the Intranet. Department managers can also be limited to which information they can share amongst their team.

While an intranet can be a powerful tool to manage your company, employees, and product information, there needs to be a high level of planning, detail and project management – similar to that of a customer- facing internet website build – in order for adoption to take hold. For more information on intranet websites click here.