Does your brand have a voice?

When you think about the brand of Starbucks, what comes to mind? Coffee, tea, eco-friendly, relaxed, modern? Those are all words that are associated with their brand. The company goal, mission and marketing has everything to do with that.

What comes to mind when you think about your company’s brand?

Your brand should have a unique voice to set it apart from competition. It’s just as important as a logo, font choice, or color theme. Your voice says what you’re about without saying it directly.

What is a Brand’s Voice?

Your brand’s voice is the way it communicates with the world. The words, tone and attitude you choose are all a reflection of your brand voice. How your business expresses itself creates just as much of an impression as the way your messages look.

When one thinks of branding, they tend to only think about the design aspect. While design, such as the logo, colors, and fonts, do play a major role in developing a brand image, the brand voice is just as powerful.

One Brand, One Voice

The tone, or brand voice, of a company’s communications should be the same from advertisements to in-store marketing materials and even down to customer service. Branding should be consistent throughout all forms of marketing.

Someone that reads your brochure should get the same feeling when browsing your website or shopping in your store. The same goes for radio, print ads, social profiles, and all other forms of communication.

Define Your Voice

Think of the impression you want to give your audience.

  • What separates you from competitors?
  • Do you want to come across laid back? Serious?
  • Are you aiming for sophisticated or lighthearted?
  • Does this style appeal to my target audience?

Deciding these factors right from the beginning makes it easier to reinforce them in the future. Plus you have a basis to compare each of your messages to.

When developing new projects or marketing materials, remember to ask yourself – Does this fit with your image?

Consulting with, or hiring a professional copywriter can help you develop a strong voice.

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