The Importance of Writing a Press Release

To keep a business’s name constantly circulating, the company must make an ongoing effort to preserve its presence online. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is by submitting press releases.

Press releases can be about a newsworthy event, appointing a new employee or even as simple as offering advice within your company’s area of expertise. No matter the subject, the significance is that your company name is attached to this article and viewers are being reminded of your business.

There are many online sites that allow free posting of press release articles. By submitting to these sites, your company has added one more page that will appear in search engine listings. This means that when someone looks up a keyword used in that article, the release will appear in search results and your business’s name will be attached.

The more articles a company submits, the more current their status remains within the online community. This helps to establish your company as a credible source and as a well-recognized name within the industry.

Posting press releases is beneficial to not only the reader who obtains the news, but also the company that provides it. Each press release submitted shares contact information which viewers can use to locate your company’s website, email, phone number or other means of information. So not only is the article providing newsworthy material that interests the reader, but it acts as a marketing tool directing people to further explore your business.

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