Make the Most of the Shore Traffic This Summer

95.9 The WRAT, gave a report that we always remember when summer is approaching. Their quest to quantify the Jersey Shore’s population growth during the summer months led them to compare the winter and summer wastewater flows – essentially, toilets flushed – as a means of quantifying our region’s summer swell of vacationers and visitors. Some might consider this a “waste” of time, but what they found is worth noting.

The average daytime population of the Shore region during the summer is 762,000—if it were a city, that would make it America’s 20th largest, ahead of Seattle, Denver and Washington, D.C.! This includes the area’s year-round, permanent population, as well as overnight visitors and day-trippers. In other words, the average summer daytime population increases about 73% over the region’s year-round population.

What Does 73% Population Growth Mean for Your Business?

It doesn’t take a marketing whiz to connect the dots. More people = more opportunity to be seen. Businesses have all sorts of advertising options to reach the Shore crowds.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads offer a world of targeting that you might not even be aware of, much less utilizing. We can “geo-fence” along the boardwalks for location-specific ads. We can run ads at specified times of the day. We can pause when the weather is bad and save your budget for the sunny days. The possibilities are as endless, and the best part is that we can measure every move we make.


There are still a few traditional and digital billboards in the most popular Shore towns, including Seaside Heights, currently unclaimed for Summer 2018. Netwave can en-“shore” you receive honest pricing, and get everything set up for you, from contract to creative to installation.

Mass Transit Ads

Public transit to and from the Shore is packed this time of year. Get in front of the day-trippers with bus and train ads, which can be paired beautifully with digital ads. When riders look up, they see you. And when they look down at their phones, they see you again.

Spotify Ads

We can now manage targeted advertising on Spotify as well. Geo-fencing the beaches means everyone who’s listening to Spotify on their beach towel hears your message.

Airplane Pulls

Airplane pulls are a Jersey Shore classic, and there is some availability left for weekends this summer! We can organize airplane pulls from Sandy Hook to Seaside Park, of course creating a catchy slogan and/or creative graphics to make the investment worth it.

This is Your Summer

We’re not being pushy, and we’re definitely not trying to sell you ads you don’t need. With our roots here at the Shore, we simply enjoy helping local businesses gain exposure and brand recognition. There’s no better time for that than summer, so let’s get creative, and let’s get started quick. Contact us to learn more.