How to Re-engage Your Email Subscribers

Even your most engaged customers can become overly accustomed to your email marketing. Whether you’re sending email blasts daily, weekly or monthly, it’s always a challenge to tally those coveted opens and clicks.

In marketing, we call it “list fatigue” when a business begins to see stagnant or slowly diminishing engagement. Trust us when we say you’re not alone if you’re having this struggle. As a highly creative marketing agency, we take email marketing several steps further from simply slapping content into a template. We always have an eye on the numbers, and are never afraid to return to the drawing board when we think there is room for improvement.

Redesigning for Results: A Quick Case Study

Meet Delicious Orchards (D.O.), a popular Colts Neck, NJ country food market that attracts more than 2.5 million visitors each year. It’s safe to say D.O. has a strong and steady following, but having managed their ongoing email marketing for quite awhile, we began to realize that it was time to change things up.

One of the best ways to reverse list fatigue is to redesign your template. Here’s what D.O.’s previous email blasts looked like:

And here’s a new design we recently introduced:

It may look like we simply “updated” D.O.’s email template, but there was actually quite a bit of strategy that went into the initiative. We know that people love images, so we amped up the imagery. We kept the copy concise, and made sure to break the content into easily “scannable” sections. The combination of a big button and a clickable image makes it easy for customers to click if they wish.

While we didn’t see a notable increase in open rates, clicks jumped from 238 in the previous email blast to 404 in the redesigned blast. Meanwhile, we gathered from the similar (though solid) open rates that we also needed to retool our subject lines.

A Shoutout to MailChimp

What is a painter without a paintbrush? Or a car without an engine? Part of the reason we were able to see success with Delicious Orchards’ email marketing redesign was because we moved their list over to MailChimp. It is the ultra-intuitive tool for designing, managing and tracking email blasts. There’s a reason more than 12 million people and businesses use it!

Put Your Email Marketing to Work for You

Email marketing isn’t something you do just to do. You want results to show for your investment. Let Netwave Interactive manage your email marketing for you so that you can spend time on other priorities while still reaping the benefits of email engagement. Our approach is collaborative, inspired and–most importantly–driven by results. Click here to contact us today.