Who Should Be Running Your Digital Campaigns?

According to emarketer.com statistics:

  • Digital advertising overtook print advertising spend in 2012.
  • Digital advertising doubled print advertising spend in 2016.
  • Now according to AdWeek, (June 8, 2016) Internet advertising is likely to eclipse broadcast advertising in 2017!

The trend is clear and the advantages are numerous: better audience targeting, better analytics, more options, shorter lead times, and more definitive results to name just a few.

But where there is advertising spend, there are many digital media buying options. Here’s a few pros and cons for each choice.

Newspaper and Radio Stations

Pros: It’s simple. You already know them. Just shift some of their broadcast and print dollars to digital. They will probably give you some attractive packages that combine their traditional and digital products.
Cons: Your print and broadcast reps don’t know digital. Their sales model has always been to sell their product against all local competitors. Can they instantly become objective and recommend some of their competitors? The purchases are going to be slanted toward their own products. I always question the veracity of local stations’ online listenership statistics. Ask yourself, if you’re listening online, do you listen to a commercial station or do you play your own mix?

Do It Yourself

Pros: Google makes it simple to buy search related terms. No one knows your business better than you. You MAY save some money.

Cons; You don’t know digital advertising. Most buyers buy search terms that are too generic. Therefore driving up the cost per click while attracting unqualified buyers. There are constant new developments and products (link to our digital ads getting smarter blog). We have clients who do a wonderful job of Google advertising, but they admit to spending hours a night doing it!

A Digital Only Agency

Pros: You are getting a specialist. Commissions cover the agency’s costs. Analysis, feedback and recommendations are handled by the agency.

Cons: It’s another cost center and vendor you need to manage. Their strategies may conflict with your print, broadcast and SEO strategies.   Their graphics may be inconsistent with your overall brand.

Our Clearly Slanted Recommendation

Netwave Interactive has been involved in digital advertising for more than 10 years. We have successfully transitioned most of our clients from print/broadcast heavy campaigns to an optimal mix of traditional and digital. Every client campaign is different.

Our graphic designers work on both digital and print campaigns so branding consistency is a given. Our media planner also maps out traditional and digital purchases and combines them on single invoice, thereby simplifying client management. Most importantly, all results are displayed on a single online dashboard so results can be monitored in real time. Since digital advertising is so dynamic, it can be monitored and adapted on the fly. If you’re not sure if you’re getting the most you’re your Internet advertising, you should give us a call. Our complimentary analysis is time well spent!