Who is Your Best Salesperson?

Good salespeople help your business grow. They position your products or services correctly, answer questions concisely, and bring their A-game every day. With these qualities in mind, your best salesperson could very well be your website.


When you keep your website maintained, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It never takes time off, and when you feed it with search engine optimization and content marketing, it actively attracts leads every time someone searches for your offerings on Google. Your salespeople are working as hard as humanly possible; help them out with a well-designed website that keeps their phones ringing.

Consistent Pitch

One of the most common challenges in managing a sales department is keeping the message on-brand from one rep to the next. Everyone has their own way of saying things, which can dilute your value proposition and selling points. When you take the time to craft your brand, your website gets the message across exactly how you want it to, every single time. Learn more about our branding process, from defining your audience to refining your messaging, developing a brand guide and building your website.

Direct Response

“Buy now,” “sign up” and “order today” are a little too cold coming from a human, but action statements like these are perfectly acceptable on your website with proper context around them. Your website gives a strong call to action (CTA) encouraging the prospect to make a decision then and there, whereas many sales calls require multiple follow-ups and extra finesse. The clicks you receive on your CTA buttons also show who is truly interested in buying from you.

Of course, if your sales process requires live interaction, put a “call today” link on your site. Many people are on their smartphones and a simple click has your phone ringing. If you don’t have a Voiceover IP system (VOIP) consider assigning a cell phone number. What salesperson doesn’t want his or her phone to ring and/or at least provide an immediate callback.

We also offer call tracking capabilities so you can track where your inbound calls are coming from.

Totally Unaffected

Human emotions are always at play in sales. If someone is in a slump, taken aback, or simply having a bad day, their performance will suffer. A website does not recognize rejection. It doesn’t feel pressure; doesn’t change its demeanor. Its entire existence is to present your business in the best possible light, with no doubt or variance.

Not a Commodity

Just like your salespeople, your website is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. No one has ever regretted having an awesome website. And considering it’s the center of all your marketing efforts, you want to make it great.

You can cut costs on copy paper, utilities, and other office expenses—but when it comes to your website, a notable spend is to be expected. Browse our portfolio to see examples of beautiful websites that work tirelessly and sell fearlessly. We hope yours is next.