Ready to Reopen Your Business?

The coronavirus pandemic brought business in New Jersey and the Northeast to a complete and extended halt with the region remaining in lockdown for months. As we learn to navigate the new normal and minimize the spread of COVID-19, businesses are now able to reopen with public health protocols in place—but every owner and executive knows it’s not as easy as swinging open the doors.

To reopen and stay open, you need customers to know that you’re not only back in business, but also doing everything humanly possible to keep people safe. As you reopen your doors, make sure you utilize the following communication platforms to alert your clients/customers of your safety protocols.

Google My Business

Lockdown threw local search into limbo as businesses struggled to communicate closings and new operating hours. Refresh your Google My Business listing with your current hours and safety policies so that customers know when and to what extent you’re open. Restaurants can also add menus using either a link, photos, or an embedded menu within the listing.


While returning to their daily lives, many people remain wary or at least conscious of contracting the coronavirus. Ease their minds with a new page on your website outlining your policies and procedures, including:

  • Mask requirements and guidelines
  • Hand sanitation availability and usage
  • Temperature checks, if applicable
  • Staff guidelines
  • Menu usage
  • Reservation and entrance procedures
  • Office meeting policies and protocol

Keep your language simple, your design straightforward, and include a contact form for customers to submit questions. Be sure to update your homepage with a banner and link to your newly created COVID safety page.


You might have realized during your business’ closure that email is an easy and direct tool to communicate with your customers through anything and everything the pandemic throws your way. Send an email blast announcing your reopening and linking to the new page on your website where customers can learn what to expect when entering your business. If your business is operating at limited capacity, include instructions for making reservations along with a friendly message for customers to be courteous by keeping their visit within a specified time allotment.

Social Media

While email best lends itself to one big reopening announcement, social media allows you to consistently publish content reminding customers that you’re open for business. Chop the content from your policies and procedures into a series of posts, with each linking to your website for more information. To reach a wider audience, you can start an advertising campaign on social with precise targeting and a relatively modest ad spend.


Take a walk through your space from the entrance to exit and everywhere in between, with an eye on optimal spots for signage. This might include directional signage telling people where to go, posters stating safety guidelines, and perhaps some new branding signage to make the altered environment feel more familiar. For example, instead of masking tape, invest in branded floor graphics. Rather than caution tape, print branded props.

Start Here

Netwave can help you with all of the above, including design, copywriting, development, and printing. We recommend starting with a simple website audit to view your site (including on mobile) through a post-pandemic lens and begin creating your anchor COVID safety page to which much of your reopening advertising will lead. Contact us to get started.