5 Must-Haves for Manufacturing Websites

Having a well-designed website is crucial to opening doors and closing sales—especially in the manufacturing industry, where differentiators are hard to come by. On your website, first impressions, snap judgments and final decisions all happen within seconds of each other. Outclass your competitors and win new customers with thoughtful web design incorporating the following:

1. Branding

No business is too boring for branding. For manufacturers and distributors, strong branding can pay immediate dividends because the branding bar is usually fairly low. A modern, easily navigable website with solid branding elements can do wonders.

If it feels like it might be time to update your company’s image, invest in branding first, followed by a new website. Remember to also update any stationery, trade show materials, proposal templates and marketing initiatives with your new branding so that there is consistency from each touchpoint to the next.

2. Mobile

More than half of all internet activity is performed on mobile devices, and the growing share will continue to trend toward mobile. Even Google itself favors mobile-friendly websites in search results.

Is your website mobile-friendly? Let’s find out. If it’s not, you are losing visibility, not to mention frustrating the decision-makers who visit your website on the go after a sales call or conference. A mobile-friendly website is one that doesn’t just work adequately on mobile but works wonderfully—which often requires custom coding and attention to detail beyond standard mobile responsiveness.

3. Photography

You might not think your products are photo-worthy, but they absolutely are. Poor photos can imply poor quality of the products. Stock photos are generic and uninspiring. The best route is to wrap professional photography into your website project, from product shots to headshots to photos of your facilities. Trust us when we say you’ll see the difference.

4. Case Studies

Even if quality and innovation set your company apart from others, people want real stories illustrating how you solve challenges and deliver for your clients. Feature recently completed projects and longstanding relationships prominently on your website with a separate page for each case study. Include testimonials to show social proof, and bring in some of that custom photography for visual appeal. Be sure to keep your case studies organized and easy to navigate.

5. Analytics & Lead Capture

All of your contact form submissions should be stored on your website’s backend and available for easy reference at any time. We actually take it a step further and also store the pages a visitor viewed prior to submitting their info. This allows your sales team to be more informed when they’re following up with prospects. Additionally, we are able to sync details to your call tracking, applicant tracking, and email marketing platforms.

Let Netwave brand your business and redesign your website in a clear process that keeps you out of the weeds, yet involved in the creative decisions. See how we helped this manufacturer transform their online presence. Then, contact us to get started with yours!