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Instant classic.

We took the chef and his investors through a deliberate brand identity process covering everything from design to copywriting to positioning. We collaboratively arrived at a restaurant named “Farmly,” meaning “farm to family,” with the friendliness of a “neighborhood kitchen” and the familiarity of a national brand.

We’d say the brand guide we created was well done, but it was more like medium—aka made to perfection.

Real pictures of real food.

When it comes to restaurant branding, photography is the main dish. So, we tagged along to the chef’s test kitchen for some scrumptious shots that became the center of Farmly’s “coming soon” campaign. And yes, we did eat the food.

Stirring up social.

If photography is the main dish, social media is the appetizer. Restaurant build-outs take time, which we used to make Farmly the talk of the town before it ever opened its doors. On Instagram, Farmly was greeting “regulars” before anyone had even tried the food!

The first few months of social content also served as a brand voice exercise; every caption was crafted to capture the essence of a warm, friendly neighborhood kitchen.

Full steam ahead.

With an opening date nearing and a beloved brand emerging, we developed everything a new restaurant needs—menus, window graphics, exterior and in-store signage, business cards, and a website. Then, banner ads, print ads, email blasts, loyalty cards, gift cards, bags, stickers, and more. Having worked with many local restaurants, we knew exactly what to do and when.

Keeping customers coming back.

Farmly is always serving up something new and exciting. We designed fun, eye-catching emails to help the brand build a loyal fan base from day one. Free food and fresh new menu items? These are emails that people actually want to receive.