Top 10 Ways Video Can Help Your Business

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The applications for video are endless. But the brands that are making leaps and bounds in growth are doing so in large part because of video.

How many videos have you watched in the last three days alone? Nowadays, we spend so much time watching YouTube clips, online videos, TV and other types of video that we become immune to just how much time we spend.

It’s a mainstream occurrence, and it’s the reason news and opinions now travel faster than ever before. Your business can harness some of this sentiment-generating power—all it takes is a bit of video content.

So why start today? Our videographer gathered together the top 10 reasons to consider adding video to your marketing mix:

1. Attract New Customers

Consider this: 100 million people watch videos online each day. In 2015, the typical consumer is only going to read one book this year. In that same time, they will watch thousands of videos.

When it comes to business marketing, video is showing a tremendous ROI when properly executed. In fact, 75% of users visit the marketers website after viewing a video (via

You can cold call, send out emails, and meet in person with customers. But there’s no better way to convey the best points of each of those mediums than with a short video.

2. Announce a New Product or Service

Obscurity is your biggest enemy. If customers don’t know what you’re selling and where to get it, how can you expect them to buy?

The reason you know Oreos and Gatorade will be stocked in a supermarket you’ve never visited before you run in to buy some is because they’re name brands. You’ve tried them. You’ve purchased them before. And you know for a fact where you can get them.

You need to get your products and services closer to that level. The Internet lets you do that, and video is one of the best ways. Announce your service or product, but also where and how to get it with a Call-To-Action.

3. Recruit Employees

The first films were designed as war propaganda for the masses. “Join up today!” “Uncle Sam wants you!” They were designed to inspire, but also to recruit.

In today’s age, attracting the best talent means getting the message that you’re hiring out into the marketplace. A video is the perfect way to achieve this.

Take a journey through some of the Fortune 500 company websites, and you will find that nearly all of them use video as part of their online recruiting.

4. Educate Customers

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a one-minute video? According to Forrester Research, it’s worth 1.8 million. That’s astounding.
With video, you have the chance to say and do more to educate your customers like never before. The latest industry developments, practical tutorials, and reasons why your product/service is better can all be presented in a concise and creative video.

Knowing the benefits upfront will help customers continue faster down the sales funnel. In fact, 57% of consumers say that product videos make them more confident in a purchase and less likely to return an item, up from 52% a year ago (MediaPost).

5. Train Employees

Is your organization massive or stationed remotely across the country? Nothing adds cohesion quite like a video call. Consider using well executed and produced video to get all of your hires on the same page. Many larger corporations miss a big opportunity by creating video walkthroughs that are boring and dismal, instead of interjecting their brand and personality into the equation.

Use video to create employee-training tutorials that also reinforce your brand’s mission, vision and values at every turn.

6. Turn the Spotlight on Your Customers

Nothing quite helps a sale take place like the recommendation of a trusted third party. It’s why we as buyers rely so heavily on the recommendations of friends and others in comment sections, review websites, and media outlet critiques.

A customer that’s had a great experience and solved a problem thanks to your service or product is the perfect choice for a video. Highlight your product or service’s effectiveness by calling attention to the success it has brought a previous buyer. The more sentimental and truthful you can make your spotlight, the better!

This is an opportunity for you to put forth an earnest display of your company’s mission in the business landscape along with your value proposition in action.

7. Share Your Take on a Current Event or Issue

Your perspective is just that: your own. If you are one of the central figures within your organization, sharing a current event or issue as viewed through your unique perspective can be incredibly insightful. It’s why people pine over the chance to learn about what GE is doing to combat global warming or how the NFL is giving back to local communities during the month of May.

Don’t miss the chance to explain how your team is responding to a pressing issue or development. It’s timely, informative, and highly shareable.

8. Share The News!

Video is the perfect way to leverage a major development, event or happening that your organization wants to establish credit for.

Is your company merging with another? Did you just hit a 20th year of business? Capitalize on the opportunity such a major mark in a company’s lifespan with your own words, images, and branding in full view.

9. Spotlight a Major Cause or Collaboration

Are you trying to get the word out for a major cause? Do you need to raise funds in a several month span?

Video’s viral potential should be reason enough to create one for your cause or collaboration. Gain momentum for your efforts by spotlighting those at the helm or those who are in need. Making that emotional connection with viewers will help propel your video forward.

10. Keep Pace with What’s To Come

Video’s popularity is growing exponentially. This growth will be compounded as new populations and developing countries continue to gain Internet access, becoming more and more engaged online. Moreover, it’s where every major ad firm plans on allocating budgets in the years to come.

Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017 (via Cisco)

As smart companies continue to make quantum leaps forward with video, your brand will need to adopt this medium, lest it begin to fade.

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The battle for customer dollars in an ever-growing technology-infused society is going to go to those who breach obscurity, bolster convenience, and deliver continuous quality. Adding video into your marketing mix will serve to amplify all of your advertising efforts.

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