The Face Behind The Fur: Andy


Web development is a finicky beast. Constantly changing and continually improving, a few months in the web development world might as well be a lifetime. To keep our team and our client ahead of the ever-changing curve, we rely on our senior web developer Andy!

Andy brings an extensive background of software engineering prowess and web development expertise to the table. Since he first started tinkering at the age of 8, Andy has grown to be fluent in over 20 different coding and programming languages. On top of that, Andy has had a hand in nearly every aspect of business web development, from creating the full architecture of websites to developing Apps for mobile devices and Facebook.

Incredibly helpful, insightful, and engaged in best-of-all-time web development, here’s more from our web master Andy!

Favorite NJ shopping area(s)?
Jersey Shore Premium Outlets is where I shop not just for me but also for my family.

What is your go-to fine dining restaurant?
Cheesecake Factory. I love their combo dinner meals with steak and lobster and their cocktails.

Where is your favorite casual bar?
I’m not a big fan of drinking but Brick House in South Plainfield is my favorite bar.

Would you rather lounge at the beach or hike in a mountain?
I prefer the beach, where I can enjoy the fresh air and relax.

What kind of music do you prefer to listen to in the car?
I’m an old school guy, so love songs like “Stay With Me”, “Stand By Me” or “Dancing With My Father” are my favorite.

What workout makes you feel the best?
I don’t have much time to workout, but running makes me feel good.

Favorite meal?
Pasta with meatballs.

Coffee is __________.
Coffee is a vitamin.


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Movie Director

Favorite childhood memory?
I think my favorite memory was when I got my first PC. I had been waiting for 4 years for it. I remember that we went to computer store and bought all the parts and I put it together with my friend when I was 12 years old.

Biggest fear(s)?
Snakes. Hate them.

Place you’d most like to visit?
My hometown, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Most of my relatives are still there. I always have a good time visiting and enjoy every moment with the most important people in my life.

Favorite cheese?
Sorry but cheese is not my thing. I prefer butter. And my favorite butter is “I can’t believe it’s not butter”.

Alcohol drink of choice?
I don’t always drink alcohol, but when I do, I drink Jager with Red Bull.

Favorite pizza?
Well done with broccoli and sausage.

Favorite dessert?
Anything with ice cream.


Where are your tattoos? Do they have significant meaning?
If I had any tattoos on my body, my mom would kick my ***!

If you could meet anyone who has passed, who would it be?
My uncle, my mom’s younger brother.

If you could meet anyone living, who would it be?
I would love to see all my family back in Vietnam.

Favorite TV show(s)?
Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Favorite book(s)?
The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, and “Steve Jobs”.

Ideal breakfast joint on the weekend?
Eggs, bacon and sausage on a toasted croissant.

What is the toughest surgery you had to overcome?
I had a motorbike accident when I was 17. A drunk driver hit me from behind. I was in the hospital for a month and had my surgery on my left leg. I could not play soccer after that. 🙁

What do you like about movies?
I love sci-fi and 3D movies.


What is the most exciting activity you did?
Color Me RAD 5K.

What would you sing at karaoke night?
“Stand By Me”, “I swear”, “Happy Birthday”

What motivates you to work hard?
Ensure my family’s future and my career development.

What is the worst gift you have received?
A women under shirt. My wife bought the wrong one.

List two pet peeves.
Noisy eaters and people being late.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?
A “mature” monkey.

Furthest place you’ve ever visited.
Vietnam –> US? Almost 24 hours of travel time.

What is your favorite font?
Franklin Gothic.

What is your favorite city in the US and why?
I love where I live.

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?
I’ve never been to an American concert.

What is your favorite beach on the Jersey Shore?
Seaside Heights.

Web Development is His Specialty

Bringing our clients the very best in creative marketing solutions means having a handle on web development. Andy helps make all of that possible, with a medley of top tier experience, a commitment to helping others learn, and a serious knack for problem solving.

Rest easy–all of your web development needs are in the best of hands with Andy!

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