SEO Fact vs. Fiction

By November 8, 2013SEO

Dispelling Search Engine Optimization Myths

Search is currently the #1 driver of traffic to content sites. Every business and every website owner should be using SEO if they want their website to be found. Take a look at these common myths and learn the facts about search engine optimization. 

  • Fiction: SEO happens overnight.
    • Fact: SEO takes time and should be considered a long-term investment. The real value of SEO efforts are generally not realized in the first few months. Extensive work must be performed in order to produce effective long-term results.
  • Fiction: All SEO services are the same.
    • Fact: It’s not about finding the most inexpensive option for your SEO efforts; it’s about finding the best agency to do the work. Look for an agency that defines its scope of services and works to educate you.
  • Fiction: Your ranking will always stay the same.
    • Fact: As the web environment changes, so will your ranking. There are a ton of competitors within the SEO spectrum, and many more entering each day, so between these competitors and constantly changing algorithms, rankings will continually rise and fall. It takes persistence and consistence to keep websites ranking highly and performing well.
  • Fiction: Learning how to perform SEO for your website is simple.
    • Fact: Comprehensive search engine optimization is very time-consuming and with an ever-changing market, requires constant research and learning. With so much to handle on a day-to-day basis it is difficult for business owners to find an adequate amount of time to devote to their SEO efforts. You’ll never get the same level of ROI that you will with a competent SEO agency.
  • Fiction: SEO isn’t a big deal.
    • Fact: The point of your website is to improve the overall success of your business. You can have the nicest website on the internet, but if your target market can’t find it, what’s the point? It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your consumers to find your website and SEO is the best way to make that happen.
  • Fiction: An SEO agency can guarantee great and instant results.
    • Fact: It is virtually impossible to make any guarantees with search engine optimization due to the constant change in nature of the industry. That said, an SEO agency can’t promise you the #1 spot on Google. You must be cautious. While some tactics can render instant results, be aware that these can hurt your website’s ranking and performance in the long run. Instant results often involve unethical SEO practices, which search engines, like Google, penalize websites for. These penalties generally result in lost rankings and often take months and a hefty increase in budget to recover from.
  • Fiction: SEO agencies just want your money.
    • Fact: Some agencies really appreciate having a great rapport with clients and trying to foster their growth through proper SEO practices. At Netwave Interactive, we can proudly say we’re one of them.

For more information on how SEO can help your business, check out our blog post on Getting to Know SEO. Netwave Interactive can help optimize your website with paid or organic search. Let us help you; contact us.