The Most Meaningful Patio Palooza Yet

Event planning and execution is a taxing endeavor. So, when Wharfside Patio Bar plans their season ending party, they call on Netwave. To promote “Patio Palooza,” we create a visceral and often personal theme that not only drives attendance, but creates a memorable connection with attendees.

A Palooza and Fundraiser in One

The Wharfside Patio Bar, located in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., has been a staple at the Jersey Shore for many years. Patio Palooza is an event held every year in September celebrating the end of the summer season with live music and entertainment from more than 20 local bands. Patio Palooza is also a fundraiser, typically supporting a local cause dear to the performers. Netwave Interactive Marketing creates a theme for the event, designs a poster and commemorative t-shirt, and actively promotes Patio Palooza.

A Tribute to a Beloved Local Musician

The inspiration behind the Patio Palooza 2016 poster and shirt design was an artist named Paul Cilinski, a local Jersey Shore musician for 25+ years and regular performer at past Patio Paloozas. Paul became seriously ill and could not perform this year.

Chefs International, which operates the Wharfside Patio Bar as well as eight other popular bars/restaurants, decided all proceeds would go toward Paul’s medical bills. So, Netwave Interactive incorporated Paul’s vibrant personality into the poster design.

Netwave’s creative team discovered that throughout Paul’s decades of performing, he has become known as “The Human Jukebox.” We loved the idea of a “human jukebox” and carried this theme into design. Paul showcases his encyclopedia-like knowledge of songs on his custom-made guitar, which is as popular as his voice. The Patio Palooza 2016 poster featured both The Human Jukebox and his guitar.

Attendees of the event LOVED the poster and the tone it set for the event. Various band members at the event requested extra copies of the poster. Combined with excellent attendance, sold out commemorative t-shirt sales and bar proceeds, a total of $10,930 was raised—all of which went to help Paul with his medical bills.

“Netwave helps us establish a theme that not only sums up each summer season, but helps build our reputation as one of the shore’s preeminent venues.”
Bob Cooper
President, Chef’s International

Patio Palooza 2016 was a jukebox hit in every way!