A New HQ for Disaster Relief

Even with harsh memories of Superstorm Sandy, we as residents of shore-side New Jersey take pride in enduring, growing stronger, and working to ensure such an intense catastrophe doesn’t happen again. As a NJ advertising agency, it’s a big part of our identity. So we were thrilled by the chance to help all of New Jersey in a big way with a special new tool.

After Hurricane Sandy, tens of thousands of residents answered the call to help their neighbors, townsmen, and communities. However, there was no centralized place online where those eager and interested in helping could go to learn more, share resources, and directly act.

A Board of Directors that included members of NJVOAD, NJOEM, and the New Jersey Governor’s Office of Volunteerism, came together to establish an online hub to help manage efforts during emergency situations.

The board selected our proposal and commissioned Netwave to take on the challenge. The goal was to design a user-friendly website that could connect resources with up-to-date community needs during disaster response and recovery in New Jersey.

We set to work with logo and website design. For the logo, we used a heavy san serif font to make it super easy to read on various devices. Pairing that with superior website development, we created an online hub focused on readability, clarity, and intuitive navigation.

Our team helped present the finished product to over 200 people at the NJVOAD Conference, which was met with high regard for it’s user-friendly interface and simplified navigation.

Visit helpnjnow.org