Hooray for MailChimp

For over 100 years, General Plumbing Supply (GPS) has been a dedicated supplier of industry-leading plumbing, heating, HVAC and industrial products. With 13 branches in the New Jersey/metropolitan area and a fleet 40 vehicles strong, GPS needed a surefire tactic for connecting with customers, a solution for the road ahead.

We crafted an email marketing strategy, designed a workable template, and began creating each of their bi-weekly email blasts. Fast forward five years later and GPS enjoys a steady click-through rate, constant consumer awareness, and an email marketing strategy that only uses best practices. Our approach continues to focus on delivering 5 consistent benefits for GPS:

  1. Promoting their newest brands, product lines & seasonal updates.
  2. Educating customers on the latest updates & news within their industry.
  3. Reminding their customers of ongoing events & limited-time discounts.
  4. Integrating their branding and messaging throughout their several active marketing channels.
  5. Freeing up their executive team to focus less on marketing and more on their core business growth.

Our comprehensive approach ensures the most impact for the least amount of marketing dollars. Likewise, our approach keeps the client on the cutting-edge by vetting and adopting new technologies, A/B testing content, and adjusting email tactics based on real results. Our agency transferred GPS over from Constant Contact to MailChimp for a more mobile-friendly interface. We created a content marketing strategy to add greater depth to emails. And we concentrate on keeping lists current with several methods of acquiring new email addresses.

Sound interesting? Find out if MailChimp is right for your business.