Driving Top Candidates to an IT Leader

Encode, Inc. has decades of experience providing reliable consulting services and staffing for IT projects of all types and sizes. To assist their ongoing search for top recruiters, IT experts and salespeople, they turned to Netwave for a plan to help them outduel the fierce competition for top IT professionals.

What Do You Love About Working Here?
To uncover the core reasons Encode is able to attract top talent, we asked their employees this simple question to guide our messaging. One of the consensus responses was that the accessibility of the Manalapan, N.J. office meant less commute time, more family time and a positive company culture.

As enlivening as New York City is, commuting from New Jersey is grueling and–with a company like Encode based right in Monmouth County–potentially unnecessary. So, we launched a transit campaign targeting NYC commuters right where they sit, showing them how cutting their commute can change their lives. The interior bus ads directed riders to the careers page on Encode’s website.

Traditional Meets Digital
We paired NJ Transit’s bus route along the Rt. 9 corridor with a geo-fenced mobile campaign, meaning digital ads were served only to those within the designated radius. The mobile artwork matched the bus ads to harmoniously blend traditional and digital advertising.

Closing the Loop
Those who visited the Encode careers page and did not fill out the contact form were funneled into a retargeting campaign. This not only created multiple touch points, but also provided coverage in case a potential applicant encountered a distraction–like receiving a call on their phone or arriving in NYC–while browsing Encode careers online. A campaign-specific careers page allowed for easy, seamless application submission.

Through every channel utilized, Encode’s imagery and messaging carried the consistency that makes a brand memorable.