Sweetening the Deal Means Serving Up Something Special.

When you and your competition exist in a relatively uncreative industry, opportunity is knocking. Your organization has the chance to break out from the pack and connect with customers looking for something special. All it takes is dialing up the creativity.

That’s exactly what we did for Manasquan Savings Bank, a community bank that provides exceptional industry-leading service and a full suite of financial tools. Their competitive advantage lies in the incredible degree of personal service they provide. Their executives answer the phone for crying out loud!

We wanted to convey that one-on-one, personable focus they have with a positive, upbeat process. So we enlisted the help of the renowned Sweet Dani B to showcase her pie-making skills. We filmed, produced, and photographed Ms. Dani B at work and used it as the basis for the “Easy as Pie” campaign to promote opening a new checking account. Our creative video production was used to capture the true essence of the campaign. And to kick start the campaign’s launch, new customers who opened an account received a freshly-baked pie to enjoy. Now that’s sweet!