Customers love commitment. They love knowing they can trust your product or service to be reliable. They especially love when your organization looks committed at every turn. That’s where we had our sights when we took on the rebranding project for long-time client Manasquan Bank.

About the Client

A staple of the local shore towns for over 140 years, Manasquan Bank was decidedly committed; yet they were also admittedly behind the times. The 8-branch bank was providing an industry-leading service, achieving near perfect annual ratings, and growing exponentially each year. Even more impressive was their unwavering commitment to service and the dozens of different area charities and non-profit organizations they support and advocate for.

The Marketing Challenge

They were losing attention! Big name, less personal banking chains were eating up valuable air space with solid branding, multi-million dollar budgets and the recognition that comes with being publicly-traded. Our client was delivering a better service, but getting lost amongst the noise.

The Marketing Solution

Rebuilding this brand from the core. We cut to the heart of what makes this bank stand the test of time and found commitment, local advocacy and a long-term view of their clients’ well being. We worked diligently to craft a brand identity that best represented these ideals, starting with a new logo and branching out into a retro-hinted, feel good, shore town earnestness brand, with a symbolic yet welcoming color palette. We paired that with expertise in every major area—advertising collateral, website design, video production—to create a revitalized marketing strategy. And we sparked a new interest and curiosity about the branding with an innovative, logo-only ad placement campaign.

Our strategy was, in totality, all-encompassing. We rebuilt this brand from the ground up, worked with their internal team every step of the way, and set the stage for an organization steadily approaching $1 billion in assets managed to reach that mark even faster. Because, like Manasquan Bank, we’re an agency committed to our client’s long-term vision.