A Community-Focused Commercial

Brands that continue to push and refine their message are always the ones who succeed. We’re happy to lend a creative hand to help them achieve that.

When it came to helping our long-time banking client Spencer Savings Bank, we knew a winning strategy started with a clear message. The bank, very active in the communities it serves, needed a branding campaign that distinguished them from the national chains. We put the focus on the community, and created a multi-layered campaign that included bus wraps, banner ads, in-store posters and promotions, and a season-long print ad campaign.

At the center of it all was this TV commercial (below), which served to encompass the three main community-segments that the bank services: community workers, non-profit projects and programming, and school-related programming and scholarships.

Our team provided the concepts, storyboarding, script, and post-production work as well as on-location shooting and direction to create this project from the ground up. That’s the power of a creative marketing agency that can do it all under one roof!