News Flash: Flash is Old News

By July 16, 2015Websites
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As of Tuesday, Mozilla Firefox has blocked all versions of Adobe Flash Player after hackers exploited a second major vulnerability. (via TechCrunch.) And while a revamped update of Flash has since been released, many who use Firefox may have to update Flash manually.

What is Flash?

Yahoo Tech says it best: “Adobe Flash is a software platform that runs video, animation, and games inside of Web pages. Flash was born at the dawn of the Web in 1996 and quickly became the standard for Web video, especially after a little startup called YouTube began using it in 2005. But now it’s largely obsolete, as most Web sites and apps use different technologies for the same purpose.”

Does this Affect My Business?

What this means for businesses is a growing need to change from Flash to HTML5 or another web standard. Currently, Google uses HTML5 as the default software for playing YouTube videos, a major source of online traffic in 2015.

Those unsure how this may affect their web presence should contact their webmaster or the agency in charge of their web presence.

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