Meet Your Marketing Agency: Who Does What

By May 12, 2016Netwave News
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Meet Your Marketing Agency: Who Does What

We’ve heard the horror stories from clients who come to us after a bad experience with a marketing agency. Some were belittled and overwhelmed by big-shot New York City agencies, while others were oversold by smaller shops lacking the creativity and resources to deliver high-quality work.

Hiring a marketing agency doesn’t have to be terrifying, and working with one doesn’t have to be mystifying. Perhaps the reason so many agency-client relationships fail is because of the curtain that typically separates their respective points of contact. When you hear, “marketing agency,” the tendency is to treat it as one big “do-it-all” machine, and most agencies will allow you to do just that. But in reality, there are countless individuals working behind the scenes to make your marketing engine hum. By understanding an agency’s key staff and functions, your working relationship will be more collaborative, enjoyable and rewarding.

Here’s who you should know by name at your marketing agency. Shake their hands, learn a little about them and understand what they’re doing for you.

No-brainer here, but big agencies won’t always introduce you. It’s important to meet your marketing agency’s president so you can get a feel for how the company is run and what the culture is like, along with a general understanding of the services available. One of the benefits of working with a mid-sized agency is that the president will often be your lead strategist.

Senior Personnel
You’ll want to know any senior managers or directors.  If they have been with the agency for a while, they play a big role in establishing scopes, processes and deliverables.  Don’t let titles fool you.  Some agencies make everyone a Director or VP.  But those titles are meaningless if there’s no one to manage!

Account Manager
Your account manager is your direct point of contact. They will field all of your questions, consult with you about upcoming projects and communicate regularly to keep you in the know. Most importantly, they will keep your projects on time and to your satisfaction.

Art Director
Responsible for strategizing and leading all creative materials, the creative or art director is the brain behind your brand. They see the big picture–from artwork to messaging–and spend hours on end perfecting the details.

Production Director
How do you know things are getting done on time and within budget? You’ll never wonder or worry thanks to your production director. A production director ensures communication, workflow and efficiency.

Web Developer
A client’s first project with their agency is often web-related, whether it’s adding a page to their site, editing the site’s content, or creating a new site altogether. Today, your website is the most important marketing tool at your disposal.  That makes your web developer very important too.  Therefore make sure he or she is on staff and not a freelancer.

SEO Specialist
What good is your website if it can’t be found?  Your agency’s Search Engine Optimization folks make magic happen so that your site appeals to humans and search engines alike.  Their goal is far more exact than getting visitors to your site.  Their goal is to get the right visitors to your site.

Graphic Designer
Graphic designers are super-cool people. From a blank screen, they create meaningful and impactful logos, websites, social media graphics, posters, banners, brochures and much more. Your designer creates a cohesive “look and feel” for your brand across all channels.

Video marketing is an extremely effective way to drive leads and brand recognition. Meanwhile, having great photography on your website, social media and marketing materials is an absolute must. A skilled photographer/videographer can add a new dimension to your marketing efforts.

Your copywriter is your wordsmith. They will learn your business and convert your value propositions into eloquent messaging that carries a defined “brand voice.” They also help drive content marketing efforts, such as blog writing, email marketing and social media.

That’s All for Now
Now that you know who’s doing what, we’ll talk about a few common threads we’ve seen in our longest, healthiest client relationships. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post! In the meantime, put Netwave faces to names and meet our team.