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Don’t know your pins from your hashtags and subtweets? That’s OK. We have your back. Getting started with social media requires a sound strategy – not just for your content, but for how you’ll monitor and maintain it over time.

Lucky for you, our Manage. Monitor. Maintain. program covers all the bases from planning to 24/7 engagement.


Managing the content and scheduling of posts is essential to finding success with social media. Since your customers represent many different backgrounds and access social media at many different times, we schedule your company’s posts at the appropriate times to maximize reach. Content is designed to relate to your fans and generate interaction.


Keeping an eye on your accounts allows us to respond and interact with your audience in a timely manner. On a day-to-day basis your accounts are monitored for new interactions that require action, such as comments or customer inquiries. We also monitor your brand mentions.


Having a “stale” account can hurt your brand. We work with you to ensure relevant posts are made on a consistent basis allowing for better interaction and promotion of your brand. With the constant update and invention of new apps and social networks we keep your accounts up fresh and up to date.

There’s a New Way to Play. Socialize