Marketing Rules of Thumb in the Digital Wave

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Marketing simplified by a few guidelines

  1. A website lasts 3-5 years.
    As technology evolves by the day, web design becomes outdated faster than automobile leases. With today’s search engines, the odds are very high that your prospects will view your site against your competitors’ sites. It would be naive to think otherwise. Keep your website up with the times, and invest in analytics to measure its performance.
  2. Never sign a long-term search engine optimization (SEO) contract.
    Offshore and media companies are always offering “guaranteed top placements” at seemingly unbeatable rates. Truthfully, a good SEO company needs about six months to show results. After that, it should be based on pure meritocracy. For this reason, long-term contracts for SEO and pay per click advertising are best left to a monthly contract.
  3. There’s no such thing as “marketing automation.”
    There are automated tools for emails and social media posts, but the logic behind who gets what message and when still comes from the human brain. Trust marketing communications pros–not “automated” software–to lead your messaging and marketing strategy.
  4. No business is too small to brand.
    Most of us associate the term “branding” with big, consumer-focused companies like Apple or Amazon. But every business has a brand – it’s just a matter of whether yours is alive or dormant.If your branding strategy consists of a logo, you’re missing the point. Before you can even begin to envision the outward appearance of a brand, there needs to be a brand personality. Who are you and why should people care?Think of why customers do business with you. Hopefully, it’s more than locality. You have gained their trust. They respect your work ethic. They were referred to you. They heard of your reputation. Imagine how much more business you could attract if you focused on enhancing this reputation and promoting your strong points

    Operating with a branding mindset pays incredible dividends. Marketing expenditures become far more effective since the messaging is cohesive. It’s so valuable, we have developed a series of branding exercises that develop this branding mentality.

  5. “Slow and steady. Steady and slow. That’s the way we always go.”
    That phrase is from one of my favorite children’s books “Goofy’s Big Race”. It’s the Disney version of the tortoise and the hare fable. While Goofy was puffing toward the finish line in his racecar, I doubt he realized that this phrase also makes a great marketing strategy.Our advice is always consistency—in both messaging and execution. Two clients, from vastly different industries, asked me why their campaigns were so successful. While I was tempted to quote Goofy directly, I explained it was a combination of digital ads, direct mail, brochures and highly targeted web pages applied over an extended period of time. When we looked at the responses, there weren’t any spikes associated with a particular ad or mailing. Rather, it was a steady and sustained growth over the course of both campaigns.

So, to summarize:

  • Trade in your website every 3-5 years
  • There aren’t any short-cuts in SEO or marketing automation
  • Every business should operate with a branding mindset
  • Be consistent with your advertising and use multiple media.

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