The Infographic & Your Business: A Love Story

By March 10, 2015Netwave News
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How do you clearly explain your business processes, workflows, value points, and answers to business partners and potential customers? With the help of a creatively-concise infographic of course! Here’s how:

Getting your biggest business ideas across to people is a tall order. Maybe they can’t quite visualize where you’re coming from. Maybe they have some looming questions that you aren’t exactly answering. Maybe you’re boring them!

Whatever the case may be, clear communication in business is everything. It’s the difference between a deal or a disaster. You need clarity. You need conciseness. And you need to employ a little attention-grabbing style so the message sticks. Enter the infographic.

What’s an Infographic?

When explaining bigger concepts, multi-step processes, or several layers of an idea, things can get messy pretty quickly. It helps to have a tool to make that conversation go smoother. The infographic does that by combining creative visuals with a dose of writing and some important information (either attention-grabbing statistics or noteworthy details).

Why Use an Infographic?

For example, let’s say you want to discuss your sales funnel to one of your employees. You start discussing the research and routine involved in scoping out prospects. From there, you go into the four-step process of introducing your company’s services. Meanwhile, your employee is hung up on something you mentioned in your first sentence, and can’t stop thinking about it. They miss every word you say.

The infographic is equal parts explanation and illustration. It can deliver depth and definition in a way that words alone or images alone simply cannot.

How can I use an Infographic for my business?

When it comes to how this particular tool can help your business, the only real limitation is your creativity. Want to illustrate your sales process, your internal audit process, or your operations workflow? Create an infographic. Want to showcase all of your companies value points, services and major accomplishments? Create an infographic. Want to add another tool to your sales team’s arsenal, clearly detail a new internal transition, or give customers a value-packed stat sheet that makes choosing you a no-brainer? Yep, you really need to create an infographic.

Getting started.

Our team specializes in giving your business marketing the creative look, feel, and voice it needs to have the most impact. Working with one of our account managers, you will be able to collaborate, concept, and create an infographic that turns a former point of miscommunication into a clear and powerful asset.

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