If you care enough about your search engine rankings, you need to read this!

By June 6, 2011Marketing, SEO, Social Media

PostRank announced it had been acquired by Google.

Is it just another buyout by Google so they can add to their repertoire of services, products and technologies? When you look closer, this is an obvious next step for Google who has already been rewarding rankings for social media engagement. Google someone’s name and company and chances are their LinkedIn page is going to rank higher than their profile on their company’s website.

Facebook is also a goldmine for user data and continues to refine their behavioral and demographic targeting for their ad networks. What does that mean for the user? Well if you recently changed your relationship status to engaged, look out, because all the Facebook ads you’re going to see will be about wedding stuff.

With Google’s purchase of social engagement data company PostRank, can we expect the same type of targeted ads to start appearing on Google?  Chances are, they’ve got something up their sleeve, we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about beginning your social networking pages, get started now. Depending upon your industry, social engagement can take a while to get going and flowing. Just like a domain name, it’s important to claim your name on Facebook and Twitter, or it could be claimed by someone else!

Not sure how to get started or on which platform? Call us 732.701.9797. Our social media director can design a start-up plan tailored to your business and our social media team will tutor you throughout the process. We’ve helped Molly Pitcher Inn, Oyster Point Hotel and Corrine’s Closet to get up and running.  Now they’re successfully managing their own company pages!