Here’s A New WordPress Plugin to Keep Your Customers in the Know

weather alert

The world moves quickly in the digital age. If you don’t have a system in place to relay important information to your customers, you will be prone to miscommunications and missed opportunities.

Let’s say there’s a weather event that forces you to close your offices. What’s the best way to alert your customers to the situation and provide further instructions for getting in touch? Composing an email blast takes time, and trying to rush it puts you at risk for an email accident. Social media is a great place to share information in real time, but not all of your customers follow you on Twitter or Facebook. Obviously, you can’t call each and every customer individually.

Introducing the Notification Messages WordPress Plugin
Netwave’s web developer has the answer. Your website is the hub for all of your information, so our web developer created a new WordPress plugin that enables you to display clear, simple announcements, right on your homepage. Use these notifications for:

  • Weather alerts
  • An event cancellation or postponement
  • A change of plans
  • Holiday office hours
  • Any major announcement

A Full Suite of Features
The Notification Messages plugin comes with all of the features you need to create tactful, timely messages, including:

  • 3 color options (Message, Alert, Notice)
  • Message placement either under your main navigation, or snapped to the bottom of the browser
  • Editable text areas allowing for PDF uploads or links
  • Time Scheduler (Start/End, Dates/Times)
  • Draft status/preview mode
  • Active/Inactive modes (turn the message on and off manually)

Netwave can customize this tool to your specific needs and preferences at an affordable price. Development includes:

  • Implementation and setup
  • Color/style customization to match your current website
  • Pre-loaded message templates
  • Testing and live push
  • A user account for you to make edits
  • Full training and documentation

You’ll be happy to hear that you can easily handle your notifications in-house. All you need is your WordPress username and password, and a quick tutorial from us! (Of course, we’re also certainly happy to provide on-call support and create your notifications for you.)

Get Started
Several of our clients are already utilizing the Notification Messages Plugin. To see if it’s right for you, give us a call at 732-701-9797.