Helping Adoptive Families Tell Their Story

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When Dina Vecchione, Executive Director of Family Options, an adoption agency and non-profit organization based in Red Bank, NJ, asked us to tell the story of how the adoption process can be a positive experience for the child, adoptive parents and the birth parents, how could we say no?

Family Options needed a video that could be shown in schools, colleges, hospitals and on their web site. The hardest task was getting birth mothers and adoptive parents to stop for a few moments and tell their story before the camera. The easiest task was capturing the joy on the faces of the adoptive couple, the birth parents and the little ones who were surrounded by love.

Dina sums up the essence of the video by stating, “They’re putting their child first. The selflessness and sacrifice they’re making because they love their child but know they can’t provide for their child’s needs at this time. You couldn’t be a better parent.”

Once again we called upon the talents of Michael Boylan, Netwave’s go-to videographer. He has an artistic eye that always manages to capture the right angle and perfect shot every time. Mike is well versed in commercial production, short films, documentaries and corporate videos. He takes our short stories and scripts and tells them expertly through the lens.

At Netwave, we are storytellers at heart and nothing pleases us more than getting to illustrate compelling stories. Watch the full video below, then by all means, visit their site at to learn how you can help this incredible organization.