Google AdWords Just Became Even More Selective

By March 21, 2017Advertising, Marketing, SEO
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The theory behind Google AdWords is that advertisers can tightly control where their ads are displayed, thereby increasing ad effectiveness. But as advertisers have learned the difference between theory and reality sometimes amounts to thousands of dollars.

Google has introduced a possible solution to this problem with the introduction of “Ad Extensions”. This feature is available at no extra cost, and helps advertisers direct new business leads to particular landing pages within their site. Here’s a breakdown of some of the extension options:

Sitelink Extension – Shows links to specific pages on your website beneath the text of your ads (and in addition to the main landing page), which means a single ad can direct a viewer to multiple sub-pages. This gets customers to their desired page with just one click.

Call Extension – Allows advertisers to include their phone number in their Google Ad. For the increasing amount of searches performed on smartphones, the phone number included in the ad allows prospective clients to push and call direct.

Price Extension – Advertisers have the option to include up to 6 links of price options in their ad. This feature is great for e-commerce companies, i.e. Gifts from $40, Gifts from $50, Gifts from $60, etc. Each link can direct the customer to a specific landing page that matches the price offering.

Review Extension – In business-to-consumer industries, customer reviews are pivotal. Google reviews can now be included in search ads. The overall star rating will appear below ad title and copy. A strong average customer rating can set advertisers apart from the competition.

This is Just the Beginning
There are many more custom features and options that we add to our clients’ digital campaigns. Each campaign is completely customized to produce the most cost-effective results, with detailed analytics and continual upgrades. Contact Netwave Interactive today for a digital advertising strategy to increase qualified leads and improve your digital advertising ROI.