Generate B2B Leads With Your Website

By October 20, 2011Blogging, Business, Websites

A recent study revealed that websites are a top source of B2B leads aside from personal connections and referrals. Yet, an astounding 80% of respondents believe their corporate website is underperforming. Why the disconnect?

Based on the hundreds of sites we’ve designed for our clients, we know why.

Five biggest reasons your website may be underperforming:

1. Features vs. Benefits. The site is about the firm’s capabilities versus what the firm can do for the visitor. It’s the online version of features vs. benefits. This is an easy fix through updated copywriting.

2. Lack of Fresh Content. Press releases are old. “New” announcements often carry 2010 datelines. Our new sites typically add a blog or content management component that makes it simple to add web updates. More importantly, our marketing programs include content production components so we can help keep content fresh.

3. Poor Navigation. Web navigation can be too difficult or convoluted. When a search query delivers thousands of results, patience is razor thin. If a visitor doesn’t find his or her answer in a couple of clicks, consider them gone. It’s better to have more pages with relevant content than less general-purpose pages loaded with content. It is much easier to click a relevant link than to scroll through paragraphs of copy. Generally speaking, if your pages require more scrolling and less clicking, they are too long.

4. Not Measuring Results. Ignoring web analytics is like ignoring your financials. How in the world do you know if your page is performing well if you don’t look at the traffic patterns? How are visitors finding you? What keywords are they using? Where are they dropping off? How many pages are they viewing? What percentage of visitors are unique or repeats?

Web analytics provide you with a dizzying amount of statistics. That doesn’t mean you should ignore them. We provide a top line analysis with a 3 page monthly report that helps you determine what’s working and what’s not. We also include recommendations for improvement. Think of us as your web site’s personal trainer.

5. Lonely Island. Websites are an island to themselves. Everything should be pointing to the website and the website should direct visitors to contact either via email or phone. At the same time, all advertising, social media, emails, SEO, pay per click, and even billboards should include a link to the website. The use of landing pages gives us a measurable tool for every marketing effort.

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