Featured Project: A Winning Marketing Strategy for this NJ Bank Merger

By December 16, 2014Featured Work, Netwave News
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One of the best parts of partnering with a creative agency is being able to make the most of your biggest business moments. Whether it’s a landmark victory, prestigious industry award, employee milestone, or another big time achievement, making sure your organization fully utilizes it’s marketability and prepares for the road ahead is of paramount importance.

For one of our long-time Netwave Interactive clients, Spencer Savings Bank— a New Jersey bank now celebrating over 75 years of service, we were able to do just that.

Spencer Savings had already agreed to its newest acquisition of NJM Bank and needed to be prepare for an influx of new customers. They also needed to ensure that their brand’s reputation and image properly evolved to meet this new need, both externally and internally.

Our unique collaboration allowed for a seamless transition. The integrated process involved a 5-step approach:

  1. The creation of a Disclosure Book that detailed the specifications of the new merger for customers.
  2. Creating a 20-page Conversion Guide booklet that detailed what was to come in the impending transition. This booklet was sent out to 15,000 people.
  3. Customizing the Spencer Savings Bank website homepage with imagery built to direct newly acquired customers through to the appropriate sign-up.
  4. Designing a CD Rollover mailer to help maintain customer equity and engage those who might be lost in the transition.
  5. Creating a Welcome Mailer, a 12-page booklet that provides an overview for the newly established, fully-merged bank entity.

With this winning mix of strategic collateral, Spencer Savings Bank was able to effectively navigate through this major advancement, collecting a significant portion of the customer base and positioning them for a greater financial future.

If your business is serious about taking the next step or capitalizing on its upcoming victories, Netwave Interactive can craft a custom solution for you. Speak with one of our account managers today about how your brand’s reputation can take that next critical step towards greatness.