Facebook, Websites and Your Focus for 2015

By January 6, 2015Social Media, Websites
focus 2015

Facebook’s growth in the last ten years means it’s certainly been worth its buzz. If you’re creating quality content and cultivating a demand for that content, you’re on the right track.

The problem is that everyone now knows this secret formula. Facebook, once a bountiful avenue for gaining organic leads and brand awareness, has become grossly over-saturated and ridiculously selective with the content it chooses to show users. It’s time to adjust your strategy.

Your original content is competing for just a few seconds at a seat at the smallest table in one of the world’s largest restaurants. Your content is up against major life moments like friends getting engaged or hard-hitting, hot button headlines that unexpectedly pop up and go viral. Your content is going to lose if it’s not relevant, well-crafted and well-timed. On top of that, Facebook is seeing a mass exodus of younger demographics, opting for the more mobile-minded social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

So how do you change your strategy for a better return?

Return to the basics and strengthen your website. Then use Facebook and other social media networks to point to website content.

In the constant battle for online supremacy, your business needs to show credibility and capability. There’s no better way to do this than with a website that’s all your own. Customers expect it, professionals demand it, and your business isn’t truly succeeding without it. The website continues to be the best way to define your brand on your own terms, while gaining SEO value and retaining control of your content. Facebook and other social media channels are a great way of attracting your audience’s attention, but the real bulk of your business information should be housed on your website. When it comes to sparking interest for the website content, look to social media as your medium of choice. If you’ve got a timely promotion or message worth sharing, consider using Facebook advertising for a quicker impact.

In 2015, the biggest share of marketing success will go to the businesses that can fully leverage their online presence and properly balance social media and web content.