Checking-In To Your Business

By September 27, 2011Marketing, SEO, Social Media

By now you have probably heard the buzz about “checking-in,” and no we are not talking about hotels. What everyone is talking about are the location-based apps that allow you to share your location, or check-in. Foursquare and Facebook Places are the two most popular location-based applications.

Maybe you think sharing your location on a given social network is just plain idiotic. However, if you are a business owner these apps can be very beneficial for your company. For example, Foursquare allows you to control your venue locations, update information, promote specials, and even gives you statistics on each of your locations, all at the prime cost of nothing. That is right ladies and gentleman, it is completely free.

If you create a merchant account on Foursquare you will be able to see just who checks in to your locations. This can give you access to their Twitter handle, if they provide it. The benefit of this? These are your actual customers. Both Foursquare and Facebook Places provide insights as to the check-ins at your venues. You will have access to the age groups that check-in, the gender, and even the dates and times of each visit.

You now have access to all this information about who your customers are that check-in. This means you can begin offering incentives to these location savvy customers. Attract new customers by listing a special for 1st check-ins and turn current customers into repeat customers by offering a discount for their 5th check-in. There are numerous types of “specials” you can offer through Foursquare and the best part about them is that you have complete control to customize the special to your business’ needs. Facebook Places is also very similar and offers the same amount of control. Listing your venue in Foursquare also helps with SEO.

Whether this is a phase or not, it is the current trend your consumers are tapping into and it’s time for your business to catch the wave. Contact Netwave Interactive Marketing to find out how to use social media to generate more business leads to help improve the bottom line. Give us a call today at 732.701.9797.