Case Study: Creative Advertising That’s “Easy as Pie”

By January 19, 2015Advertising, Netwave News
featured pie

When it comes to advertising, keeping your campaigns creatively fresh and strategically appropriate is key. If it doesn’t stand out, conjure emotion, and hold attention, it’s not going to show a true return on investment. This is the challenge we help businesses tackle every day. To encourage new customers to open up a new checking account, our client Manasquan Savings Bank wanted to create a new ad campaign that really stood out.

As a community bank that’s truly committed to their customers, we knew “the sell” would be easy for them. So we took that idea and ran with it.

Cut from the same fiber as the “Handcrafted” campaign we had created for them in the recent past, the “Easy as Pie” campaign we created was to serve as a new, season-appropriate execution of the Manasquan Savings Bank brand.

The Idea

We wanted to show the process of making a pie from scratch, and the careful attention to detail required in every step. Our goal was positive association. We wanted viewers to associate the quality of banking service to the finer points of this pie-baking process: focus, care, and expert technique in every step.

We enlisted the help of the wonderful Ms. Dani B of Sweet Dani B to bring this campaign to life. Using a whimsical hand-drawn script, a jovial wintertime music clip and some expert videography, we were able to produce the video below—releasing it just in time to intertwine with the holiday season.

The Results

All in all, we were able to blend every element and create a multimedia campaign just as good as any Fortune 500 company could dish out. See for yourself:

Manasquan Savings Bank: Easy As Pie from Netwave Interactive on Vimeo.

In total, the deliverables we created for this campaign included:

  • “Easy as Pie” TV & online video spot
  • Radio spots
  • Print Ads
  • Photography
  • Website Updates

View more of this campaign.

To sweeten the deal, our client gave away a freshly baked pie to each new customer for the beginning of the campaign’s launch.

The Future

Taking your brand to new heights doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as you might think. A commitment to your customers, an appropriate brand identity, and some creative advertising can seriously elevate your business.

How so? Just ask us!