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By November 4, 2014Business

Web Visitor Tracking. Lead Scoring. Lead Nurturing.

Did you know that nearly 97% of visitors won’t fill out a form on your website? Identify, communicate with and track this 97% of potentially missed opportunities. To capture these opportunities we began using SharpSpring, a tool that gives you the power of marketing automation right at your fingertips.

Using the Visitor ID tool, you can identify the most promising contacts in a designated business field or management level even if the visitor never fills out a form on your site. As seen in the below image, the company name (Yahoo! Inc) was tracked in the Visitor ID, but the specific web visitor was not – that’s where the ‘Get Contacts’ tool comes into play.

Further, you can establish customized lead scoring parameters to track only qualified leads that visit certain pages or exhibit increased levels of engagement. Once you’ve got these areas in order, you can nurture the lead through the sales pipeline utilizing tailored lead nurturing email campaigns based on their specific behaviors.

SharpSpring Marketing Automation


Consider: HR Deluxe sells software for Human Resources management. And so, may only want to see company contacts  from visitors that work within Human Resources at the management level or above; which can be established in the Visitor ID settings.

While reviewing the previous day’s Visitor ID log, HR Deluxe notices that Yahoo landed on their website and viewed quite a few pages that have been designated as important, giving them a high lead score. HR Deluxe can then utilize the ‘Get Contacts’ feature to see all of the management level, or above, contacts in the Human Resources department at Yahoo, with their respective contact information. This allows someone on the sales team at HR Deluxe to send immediate follow-up correspondence, nurturing the lead through the sales pipeline.

If Yahoo is not prepared to purchase, the sales team can add them to a lead nurturing email drip campaign. This helps them stay top of mind at Yahoo. That process saves HR Deluxe time, money and valuable resources, while subtly maintaining a relationship with Yahoo until they are ready to complete the purchase phase.

The Statistics

  • Organizations that nurture leads see a 45% increase in lead generation ROI.
  • Lead nurturing through marketing automation increases qualified leads by 451%.
  • Purchases made by nurtured leads are nearly 47% larger than non-nurtured leads.
  • Response rates to lead nurturing emails can be up to 10x greater than those to email blasts.

The Bottom Line

We’ll be honest, setting up SharpSpring on your own is no easy task, but we’re with you every step of the way. With a detailed onboarding process and comprehensive training, you will be able to take full advantage of everything SharpSpring has to offer. With performance improvements like this, you’ll see the true value of this product in no time. 

If you’re ready to start tracking user behaviors as they navigate through your website, score leads using a customized algorithm set to your specific standards, and create hyper-focused email campaigns, we’re here to help you get started! Contact us to learn more.