netwave fall

The official start of our third season marks a great checkpoint for the year. Just like New Year’s resolutions and spring cleaning, the shortening days remind us that we are coming down the stretch in reaching our year-end goals.

At Netwave, it marks the beginning of our busiest season (although summer was pretty busy, check out our recent work). Clients want that new site completed. Sales managers are asking us for a 4th quarter marketing push to support their sales objectives. Our retailers are prepping for what they hope will be a record breaking holiday season and our Florida clients are prepping for the snowbird migration.

Vacations are for the most part finished and business owners realize they have between now and Thanksgiving for one last push. Your competition is going to intensify. It’s not the time of year to get complacent.

On the positive side, most media outlets are in sales mode as well. Radio has just ended its hectic summer season. Cable stations are touting new fall programming and online advertising options continue to grow. We are in an excellent position to negotiate some of the best rates of the year.

So put away those golf clubs, beach chairs and bicycles. Let’s get down to business!