5 Ways the Web has Changed Marketing Forever


Since the creation of the internet, the way we communicate with one another has altered. We now have a means to deliver information to a wide array of people in a matter of seconds. While traditional marketing techniques, including direct mail and advertising, needed some time to reach its viewers, the internet has allowed for new interactive approaches that can impact people immediately.

Utilizing the internet as a marketing tool means:

1. Qualified prospects find you, instead of you finding them

By incorporating Search Engine Optimization on your website, your rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will improve and get your business noticed. Search Engine Optimization allows for keywords to be implemented on your site and submitted to the search engines to ensure that you appear in top positioning for the most relevant searches.

2. You better be ready to tell prospects what you can do for them

Websites are a great tool for getting information across to potential clients. However, don’t just make your website a brochure about your company. Be more interactive with visitors. Give them reasons to contact you. People make a decision within seconds whether or not to stay on your website. The first impression is everything. They are looking for information; give it to them.

3. Social responsibility is a must

While in the past traditional marketing allowed you to talk at your clients and prospects, the web and social networking challenges you to talk with them. The formation of social media has opened up a two-way street between you and your clients. Get involved, stay in touch with your business and don’t be afraid of criticism.

4. Demographic targeting is on a micro then macro level

Internet marketing has added the tool of targeting the exact market you desire. Pay-Per-Click Advertising gives the great advantage of showing your ads only to customers with an interest in your products or services. It can even go as far as limiting the region and demographics to which your ads appear. You won’t waste money advertising to unnecessary prospects.

5. Your window of opportunity has switched to 3-4 seconds

The web has put even more pressure on first impressions. People tend to stay on a website for seconds before making a decision whether or not to stay and navigate through. Therefore, your impact must be a hundred times greater. Whereas marketing collateral in hand may linger for a longer period of time and create a lasting impression, a person will jump on and off of a site before you can say your company name.

Don’t fall behind with just traditional marketing techniques. While they are still very useful and effective, it is important to jump on the bandwagon and incorporate interactive methods, as well. The internet is constantly changing and it is important that you keep up! Contact Netwave Interactive Marketing today for a consultation.